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By 1939, they were hopelessly outclassed, despite 65 of them being reequipped with small-link tracks in 1926.

25 more were built, without armor, by CWS in 1926, for training purposes, as were the modified M26/27s and NC27s.

The TKW was a turret version, equipped with a heavy Vickers liquid-cooled machine-gun similar to those used by the British Mk. But only six were converted before the whole project was cancelled in favor of the 7TP.

A very late version was built and was probably put in the fight in a hurry, the 20 mm (0.79 in) armed turret version or TKW-2.

It was deemed to be relatively fast, agile and existed in two versions, one equipped with twin-turrets, both machine-gun armed (38 Type A ordered in 1931).

The other version had a single two-man turret, equipped with a Vickers 47 mm (1.85 in) AT gun (22 Type B converted from Type A stocks), delivered in 1932-33 to the Polish state.

But like the French R35, they suffered many limitations.

They were relatively well-protected, but were slow, their engine notably overheated and their main armament, a Puteaux 37 mm (1.46 in) short barreled, low velocity gun was only suitable against casemates and machine gun nests. The Vickers 6-ton (Mark E) was a successful, modern Vickers design (the previous tankettes had been well-tested years earlier).

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The Polish renewed their confidence in the Renault company by ordering, in 1936, a replacement for its aging fleet of FTs, choosing the well-produced Renault R35. They arrived in June-July, just in time for the first operational maneuvers.The earliest models, still in use in 1939, were the eighteen Peugeot AC 18CV.Six were equipped with Puteaux 37 mm (1.46 in) guns and the remainder with a wz.25, a Polish licence-built Hotchkiss machine-guns.These were AMC M23 ordered in France and modified locally, as the wz.28 by CWS (Centralne Warsztaty Samochodowe – Central Car Workshops).But these 90 cars, of which 30 were gun-armed, gave no satisfaction with their track system and were modified into the four wheeled wz.34.

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